Seo: A Part Of Digital Marketing?

Imagine a physical store which has no logo, no name or windows on it; people would come to such a shop, out of curiosity and looking for a product that they arent selling. The shop next to it, has a proper logo, and product images in the window, so that people know what they can buy from it; people coming to each shop would have a different user experience. This is exactly how a non-optimized website and an optimized website are different from each other.

SEOs Importance In Digital Marketing

Market Watch SEO is a part of digital marketing because while digital marketing is about promoting products and services, and targeting the audience of a brand, SEO plays an important role in the process. It makes a website easy to find; search engines can crawl the website and categorize it properly. SEO makes an online business unique from others and when marketers formulate a digital marketing strategy, they make SEO a part of it.

The Roles That SEO Plays

There are many roles that SEO plays in digital marketing; for marketers, it can help identify the target market of a brand, it can each person when they are using their mobile devices, and it can tell a marketer, what a companys target audience wants to hear. If a marketer doesnt fully understand the features of their target market, then they wont be able to formulate a message for them accordingly.

Identification Of The Target Market

If a brand wants to know more about its target market, like the age group that visits their website the most or buys products from them, then using SEO would benefit them a lot. With the help of Google Analytics, the traffic that a website receives can be identified. Once the demographics of visitors are analyzed, then the marketers would be able to attract high value traffic to their website, by targeting those who like their products or services the most.

There are many useful things that Google Analytics can tell marketers. Marketers can know the geographical location of their visitors and invest more in those areas. They can reach out to valuable customers, and offer them special discounts and voucher numbers.

Mobile Devices

If a business wants to sell, then it needs a presence on the internet. If a business doesnt optimize its website, particularly an eCommerce website, properly, and according to the standards of SEO, then it would be missing on a great opportunity. If a website is optimized for mobile devices, then it will receive a good ranking in search engine results. In order to know if a website is optimized for mobile devices or not, Google has a tool called Mobile-Friendly Test, which can be used by marketers.

If a website is not optimized for mobile devices, then a brand wont be able to market its products properly. This means that marketers dont have a proper digital marketing strategy, and they would have to see their competitors prosper and their business goes down.

Google Isnt The Only One

When someone says the two words search engine, people automatically assume that they are talking about Google. However, Google is not the only search engine that people use. The number of search engines is growing, and they are user friendly in their own way like Microsoft Bing. This is why when marketers are optimizing a website, and then they should not fully focus on Google, but other search engines as well. They should optimize their website for social media search engines as well, as this is a great way of increasing organic traffic.

What The Audience Wants?

SEO tells marketers what their target audience wants to read, what they want to buy and what they want from a product. The content that is posted on websites or social media websites should be targeted towards user intent. When a marketer knows what their target audience is searching for, then the content is optimized accordingly, like using the right keywords and long tail keywords.

When SEO is made part of a digital marketing strategy, then marketers focus less on writing keywords ridden content, and more on the kind of content that can solve the problems of users, answer their queries and drive in revenues. When websites are unable to address the issues that users are facing, then such website dont appeal to users, because they dont find them helpful or informative. SEO is a part of digital marketing, because it is a useful online marketing tool.