How To Write Great Articles For Seo Purpose?

Why do you go on a certain website? For high quality content, right? No one wants to waste time by going on a website that doesn’t add any value for the user. So if you want to draw traffic on your website, you need to produce top quality articles. If your content is good, it will naturally draw users to your website resulting in higher number of shares. So to boost you ranking, focus on producing articles that arte well written, informative and readable. Here we are going to share some tips with you to improve your writing skills and in turn increase you ranking.

1. Attractive Title

Titles play a major part in getting people’s attention. If the title of an article is not compelling or attractive, it would not interest readers. Choose a title that not only captivates readers but also sparks an interest in their mind. Title should not be too long that it becomes harder for readers to pay attention. It is also important to introduce keyword in your title so it shows up in search engine

Compelling titles include why, what and how questions. Consider these two titles:
Writing great articles for SEO purpose
How to write great articles for SEO purpose?

The title 1 appears to be boring and doesnt attract users attention however title 2 makes a reader curious and inquisitive. Hence the titles starting with questions tend to draw more attention.

Similarly a title that includes numbers seems persuasive too. For example,
5 tips to write a good article

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2. Accurate Keywords

Keywords play an important role in having successful SEO. Keywords should be chosen in accordance with the search queries made by target audiences. Try to use keywords in your article wherever it makes sense. Don’t overload it with so many keywords that it becomes repetitive and meaningless. Creative use of keywords at the right places will help you in boosting visibility of your article.

3. Good Graphics

An article becomes more convincing when it’s backed up with good graphics. Use graphics that go with the theme or main idea of the particular article. Introducing valid images adds more meaning to your text. Most people access websites using mobile, tablets or similar devices hence it is important to use high quality graphics. If graphics are not good, the quality will be compromised when viewed through mobile or tablet.

4. Write for a layman

Not every person who opens your website is going to be a professional or highly educated person. Whenever you write an article, you need to ask yourself will a layman be able to understand whatever I am trying to convey? Using fancy jargons might make you look like a pro but wouldn’t benefit general reader. A layman would abandon reading your article if it’s too technical or complicated. Research what kind of information is a common man looking for? What wordings can be used to make them understand in simplistic way? After doing thorough research, then start penning down your thoughts into words.

5. Moderate length

The length of an article is very crucial when it comes to SEO. You should be clear about what and how much information do you want to give to readers. Providing less or too much information will frustrate them. So keep the length of article in medium range. If article is too short, it won’t provide enough information and if it’s long people will be tired of scrolling down. Write lengthy articles only when you have extremely good writing skills and you are sure that you can produce engaging content. Otherwise if content is too lengthy; people do not even bother to read it.


As the saying goes Practice makes a man perfect, keep on practicing and do not feel discouraged. There is no magical ingredient that will make you a good writer over night. There will be setbacks and disappointing moments but do not give up. Like all other skills, you will have to practice a lot and keep polishing your skills each day. Keep working on these tips and you will see improvement in your skills.

A good quality article will not only improve you ranking but will create a word of mouth among your target audience. This free marketing by your own target audience will result in increased shares. The more your article is shared; higher will be your sales. Hence good quality content will take your business to places.