How To Protect Your Office From Burglary

Burglary is a common fear not only among homeowners, but also among business owners. Offices and other business premises are hot targets for burglars and thieves because of the valuable assets that can be taken from these places. To prevent unwanted intrusions, businesses rely on the use of security systems in stopping burglary and other criminal activities.

However, though security systems are generally effective in crime prevention, their wide use has also led to a few downsides:

* Office personnel can become too lenient and trusting.

* Other crime-prevention methods are no longer strictly implemented.

* Business owners tend to entrust all the monitoring to their security monitoring companies.

These downsides become the loophole or weak link in the chain or network of the installed security system. If you notice any of these happening on your own business’ premises, then that means the system you use in securing your business from intruders may not be as effective as you want.

To maintain a strong and reliable security system for your office, you still need to strictly implement the following preventive measures:

1. Install strong locks on doors and windows

Although the door and window sensors installed in your office will immediately alert you in the instance of a breach, it will also mean that the locks on the breached windows or doors werent strong or secure enough to prevent the breach in the first place. This weakness can easily allow the burglar to grab anything valuable near the breached window or door and quickly make a run for it before anyone arrives at the scene.

2. Install spotlights or flood lights

The glare from spotlights or floodlights could hamper the intruders’ vision and make it easier for them to be spotted by the security personnel. This can work even better if alarm systems are installed. The combination of strong auditory and visual disturbances can send burglars into a panic and scare them away.

3. Keep all important files in locked cabinets

Its crucial for all your office personnel to keep important files in locked cabinets before leaving the premises. This will prevent burglars from getting their hands on valuable information even when they succeed in breaching the building. Also, picking the locked cabinets while the alarm is loudly ringing would be a difficult feat for burglars and force them to just leave before anyone catches them.

4. Ensure that all devices are secured

Electronic devices are also easy to steal when your office is breached by criminal intruders. To prevent burglars from accessing and stealing information from your office computers, laptops and mobile devices, you must ensure that these devices are securely locked and that important documents are well-encrypted.

Whether the reason for burglary is to steal valuable information, money, or products, this form of criminal intrusion can be thwarted by effectively applying preventive measures that will support your security system and ensure that nothing important is taken or lost. This is the part of the security network that requires the full cooperation and careful compliance of the systems human factors. Without human compliance, securing your business from intruders will become more difficult and render the whole security system less effective.