Shipping Cbd In The Us Is It Legal?

CBD is often referred to as cannabis without THC, but in fact, thats not an accurate representation of it. CBD is a cannabinoid, which is one of a couple of other active ingredients of the cannabis plant. Cannabis has many different compounds, though CBD is best known to alleviate numerous symptoms associated with chronic issues like pain, but without the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

The reason why we mention THC is that it is illegal in many countries, including many US states. Though CBD, on the other hand, is often used as a supplement and is touted to ease anxiety and pain, as well as be effective in treating epileptic seizures. Thats why cbd hemp flower CBD hemp flower is widely accepted and is legal to buy and sell.

Is Shipping CBD in the US Legal?

Yes, shipping CBD to and within the US is legal. However, there are variations of the law, which means that it varies quite a bit from one state to the next. Thats why anyone who wants to sell CBD oil or related products will need to check with current state-specific laws.

CBD Product Limitations

Shipping CBD in the US is only legal for certain types of CBD. Similar to alcohol, there is a limit to how much THC should be in the oil. Some states mandate that it be zero, others will allow up to a percentage. Plus, states will only allow CBD oil thats been extracted from industrial hemp, which also does not have any THC.

In many other states, CBD oil can be sold if it is derived from marijuana. However, the legal limit of THC allowed is just around 0.3%. If a CBD product exceeds this limit, then the authorities may move to ban the product or shutter the brand. Thats why many CBD producers and sellers in the US are careful to make sure that their products stay below the mandated 0.3% THC limit.

CBD Oil Sellers Need to be Licensed

CBD oil sellers who are licensed to grow and produce CBD are allowed to ship in the US. If a seller isnt licensed, then there is a risk of being shut down, and that will cause numerous other legal issues. Plus, some shipping services may ask for a license, which, if not present, they may refuse to ship the product.

Anyone who hopes to sell CBD or any related product should make sure that they are licensed within their state. Plus, their product should meet all existing standards in terms of quality, THC levels, and packaging.


Shipping CBD in the US has become increasingly easy over the past decade. Many states are now open to the idea of CBD oil and products. However, that does not mean that any product can be shipped. The authorities make it a point to spot check products and, if found in violation, can get the seller and manufacturer in trouble. Thats why your product must meet all mandatory guidelines by the state of your incorporation.