Why Should You Hire Criminal Appeals Barristers

Are you currently involved in a criminal appeal case? Are you debating on representing yourself or hiring any criminal appeals barristers out there? Well, here are a few reasons why the latter option is probably the best.

Benefits Of Hiring Criminal Appeals Barristers

Experience In Handling Appellate Cases

Criminal appeal cases require more specialized skills that most barristers don’t possess. Therefore, by hiring a criminal appellate attorney, you are assured that he/she has enough experience handling appeal cases previously. On that note, rather than going at it alone, you can have the best partner in your case which improves your chances considerably.

Fresh Perspective In Your Case

If you work an appeal case using a trial attorney, he/she might have a hard time being objective about it. That’s because the particular lawyer might have battled religiously for your case and assumes different strengths and weaknesses of your case than what should actually be. However, a skilled appeal attorney will bring a fresh perspective into the case. On that note, the barrister might be able to come up with new battle fronts that might win your case, something that the trial attorney couldn’t see in the first place.

Undivided Attention

Trial attorneys usually have loads of cases on their desks. Therefore, having an appeal case might be quite exhausting. An appeal case requires lots of time where the barrister can concentrate on the particular issues affecting the case without any distractions. On that case, you should hire an appeal barrister because he/she can give your case the attention it needs.

Objective Review Of The Record

Any issues raised in an appellate case are always limited to the record collected during the trial process. An attorney is not allowed to raise new facts that don’t already appear in the court transcripts. Appellate barristers use these transcripts for the court and make the most out of them. A trial lawyer, on the other hand, might try to sneak in a few things because he/she has a memory of what happened during trial. Therefore, a trial attorney is not objective compared to an appellate attorney.

Extensive Knowledge Of The Law

An appeal barrister with enough experience has developed an extensive understanding of the law, legal trends and new arguments that might lead to a win for your case. If some of the issues are new to the appellate court, the barrister would be interested to know how the case would set precedent. Therefore, with extensive knowledge of the court, he/she can draft new argument based on the trial transcripts that will bring a new perspective to your case altogether.

Efficiency And Cost-Effectiveness

There is a lot of work involved in an appeal case because the attorney has to go through lots of court transcripts, other legal documents as well as do research on the case itself. Therefore, an appellate attorney is definitely more efficient in handling such an overload of documents than a trial attorney would be. With such a high level of efficiency, there is a greater likelihood of your case being won than lost.