The Importance Of Maintaining & Keeping The Office Clean

In the world of business and commerce, appearances are a huge contributing factor in how people and organizations are perceived. However, appearances can be misleading and appearances are not simply about how well workers are dressed or how good their hair is done. Appearances go way beyond just how people look, they also extend to how clean and well kept an office space is. Whether its their office or the office as a whole, at the end of the day, its the organization that receives the final judgment.

Propper cleaning of offices is so very easy to neglect and set aside. However, having an office space that is not kept up to proper clean standards can cause ripple events to occur that most people are not even slightly aware of. For example, not cleaning the floor can lead to someone slipping and falling. That same person might then have a meeting with a potential client who notices that the clothes of the worker are dirty from their fall they just had. The customer notices the dirty floor and ultimately leaves with a bad impression of the place. Lets not forget the drop in morale in the company due to a dirty workplace.

One of the biggest sources of dirt is the floor we walk on and the office floor is no exception. Germs and dirt are brought up from the floor when we drop things and dont clean them after dropping them. If you think about an office, there are so many people walking in and out, constantly. Germs are brought in every minute. If measures are not taken to control the germs that are brought into the office then workers end up falling ill.

A very simple, quick, and effective way of keeping germs on the floor in check is to stop using cotton mops. Cotton mops are going to be spreading germs all around the office floor. We want to be removing them. The secret weapon in this battle is going to be a microfiber mop. Not only do these mops clean much more effectively, but they also completely do away with having to use poisonous chemicals which will in turn also improve the air quality of the office air which will inadvertently lead to better worker moods.

In Addition to not having to splurge on chemicals anymore, microfiber mops dont need the user to carry around a heavy mop bucket. So, fewer injuries as well. As you can see, microfiber mops are the way to go. Why not join the club!